Stop Software Piracy Today

stop software piracy

Most people believe that software piracy is a victimless crime. Those people couldn’t be more naive. When you allow your friends or even your family to have a copy of the software that you have purchased or even got from someone else, you are breaking the law and hurting employees and owners of these software companies. Not all software companies are large businesses with deep pockets. Some are small, startup businesses trying to make enough money to add employees and make their software even better. If they aren’t getting paid for their software, they have no way of having enough resources to improve their software or even add employees.

So if you think you aren’t hurting anyone think again. Plus, you need to consider the legal implications of copying that software to a thumb drive to give to your friends or family.

Understanding The Necessity Of Strong Anti-Piracy Laws

As the number of foreign websites that sell counterfeit goods continue to rise, this underground and illegal industry threatens products made in America, American jobs and American technology. Piracy and illegal counterfeiting adds a hefty loss of $100 billion annually to the American economy, and also costs thousands of Americans jobs. Congress can no longer sit idly by and allow some of the country’s most profitable industries go under attack.

Protests Help Stall Congressional Piracy Bills

The Stop Online Piracy Act helps to protect inventors of new products as well as American consumers from foreign websites that sell counterfeit goods. These goods can range from baby food to clothing to movies to electronics.

software-piracy-lawUnfortunately, there have been a lot of misconceptions and myths surrounding the anti-piracy bill. This misinformation is not only a disservice to consumers; it is also being broken apart by those who have profited from these illegal websites. These are the same websites that sell and steal the intellectual property of our country.

For example, one of the main opponents of the bill, mega giant Google, has paid over $500 million for a criminal settlement for marketing foreign online pharmacies, the same pharmacies that have the potential of endangering the lives of millions of Americans. The claims that the company makes about the SOPA bill equaling censorship is nothing short of self-serving.

The online blackout that occurred was also surrounded by much misconception. Wikipedia does not have to be worried about SOPA. It is very ironic that an organization that claims to provide truthful information provided misinformation about SOPA.

SOPA Is Not Perfect

There has been a lot of hyperbole in the debates regarding SOPA. However, the bill is not intended to or is planned to censor the Internet. The bill only plans to target websites that have already been deemed illegal. It targets foreign websites that believe in sell or spreading illegal activity. As a matter of fact, it is very similar to laws that are already on the books regarding U.S. based websites.

movie-piracy-lawThe major support for SOPA has not been publicly shared. It has been endorsed by several major organizations including the International Union of Police Associations, the National Songwriters Association and the National Center for Victims of Crime. This bill has also united those who would not normally agree on certain regulations. It is not every day that you see the labor sector and the business sector agree on legislation.

However, this act will help to defund the illegal websites and make it more difficult for online criminals to promote and sell illegal products to the American consumer.

Web Freedom Must Be Protected

As one lawyer has stated in the past (with our disclaimer that this attorney is now a Vancouver car accident lawyer), “As long as the misconceptions are believed, the average citizen will still remain misinformed about SOPA. Hopefully, after a period of time, these fears and misconceptions will be replaced by facts. When the status quo is allowed to remain, it can harm American consumers, manufacturers and innovators.”

Anti-piracy bills are in place to help those who are vulnerable to online and offline criminals. Having strong legislation in place has become a necessity in our ever changing global economy.

Should You Hire An Attorney For A Car Accident?


automobile accident attorney

If you are ever in an auto accident where the accident occurred through the negligence or inattention of another, then you should consider hiring a Las Vegas car accident attorney.

If your accident is of any consequence, you will very likely be busy either getting well in a hospital or involved with getting your vehicle repaired and settling insurance claims. However, there is a myriad of other details to attend to that will probably slip under the radar as it also happens with most people.

Many of the reasons for hiring an attorney if you have an automobile accident don’t become apparent until much later. For example, if you have a whiplash or neck injury, you many not have symptoms for weeks. You may have other injuries that are not readily visible or painful right away.

If you are hospitalized, there are details that need to be taken care of quickly as time is the enemy in this case. Your injury attorney will get to the bottom of what actually happened during the accident. Even though you were there at the scene yourself, in many cases the accident victims remember little, if any of the details of an accident, it happens so suddenly.

Your lawyer will be all about setting down the facts of the incident and how they apply to the law. He will have access to an investigative professional if he needs one, to reconstruct the accident scene, moment my moment, in order to create a timeline.

The timeline shows what occurred moment by moment, and it will show who had the last clear chance to avoid the accident, thus providing proof as to who caused the situation.

Once it is shown that the other party was the clear cause of the accident, your attorney in Las Vegas can spring into an action. He and his investigative people will interview as many witnesses as possible, get a copy of the police report, examine the damage to your automobile, as well as the prognosis for your recovery if you were injured.

When all is said and done, your accident attorney will have amassed enough in the way of facts that he will be ready to go to court in your behalf if that step is needed. Usually, once the attorney has that much evidence where he is confident that going to court will be a winner for you, the matter gets settled out of court, as the attorneys for the other side sees the logic.

Settling out of court saves time and money both for you and for the defendant. You may receive compensation for your medical bills, loss of time from work and lost wages, costs of the repair of your vehicle, and compensation for pain and suffering.

Your automobile accident lawyer will usually work on a contingency basis, meaning that he will be paid out of the settlement itself, and you may only have to pay some administration costs. Hiring an attorney is a very good idea in situations such as this, as you would be literally in the dark if you were to attempt this process on your own.